Our strategy is effective:

Ensure learners pass matric, apply to three post-school opportunities and get into a post-school opportunity that will ensure they are set on the path to earning a dignified living.

It works

For over 15 years, we have been delivering excellent outcomes and an independent evaluation shows that our model has a statistically significant impact. The energy of our staff, tutors and mentors and, of course, the learners themselves drives these learning gains, and shows that large improvements can happen with the right type of after-school support.

and more learners are supported at over 30 township locations

and more youth have completed Grade 12 with the support of our programme.


passed and 73% were eligible for tertiary


and more have accessed post-school opportunities including tertiary, learnerships, jobs and some upgraded their matric to access better opportunities.


Our impact can be told in numbers, percentages, evaluations and reports but what matters most is how do we really change the lives of our beneficiaries


“IkamvaYouth made me realise my full potential because I wasn't being compared to anybody else.   I was taught to focus on myself. I also like the fact that the tutors were young enough for the learners to feel comfortable around. My high school life was made easier and with that I was able to approach all academic obstacles with courage.”

Nokwanda Nkosi (Umlazi, 2014) - 2nd year law student at Rhodes University.

Quintres Sefala

“IkamvaYouth assisted us with application fees for various universities and helped us apply for financial aid. The mentorship programme was helpful, I got help from a mentor who knew better than I did.
I am now a tutor at IkamvaYouth giving back my time and services, thanking them for helping me and also making a difference in students’ lives. Grateful.”

Quintres Sefala (Ebony Park, 2014)- 2nd year student at UP, studying BSc Human Physiology, Genetics, & Psychology. She was awarded the GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) bursary.


“IkamvaYouth made me realise I had to work hard and get good marks in my major subjects especially Maths and English.  IkamvaYouth changed my mindset and made me realise my potential through little things like what you think of yourself is true of what you are.  Post matric 2012 I enrolled with St Augustine’s College for a Bcom (PPE)Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Double Major Degree) and I am proud to say I am a Graduate. I would not have the degree if I were not part of IkamvaYouth. I have been a tutor since 2012 till present.”-

Thabiso Simelane (2011)- Branch Coordinator/ Senior Programme Facilitator at Olico

Lebogang Mosebi

“IkamvaYouth remains my academic family away from my family. It gave me a platform to actually unleash what has always been inside of me. It made me realize that the world is owned by the dreamers, those who are young with vivid imaginations and believe that the world is theirs for the taking. It also made me realize a scary truth, that if my life doesn't become a success then I have no one else to blame but myself since my future is shaped by the palms of my own hands. It is in my hands that the future lies, it is in my hands that the future resides.”

Lebogang Mosebi (Ikageng, 2014) 2nd year studies towards BA in communications at the University of the North West and a tutor.

Bongane and his mum

Ntombikayise Mjaja, a parent at the Umlazi branch, thanked IkamvaYouth’s donors, volunteers and staff for their initiative, saying “our children are achieving because of this work; we have seen the improvements, and we are so proud of them”.

Bongane Chavane (Umlazi branch) “with IkamvaYouth in my corner I managed to get a Bachelor Pass that I am very proud of. I have passed Maths with 70% and Life Science with 72%. IkamvaYouth is a programme aiming at helping pupils with their future, and this year I am going to study Geological Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and also give back to this programme by becoming a tutor.”

Impact at a Glance (2011-2017)

2018 matric results will be released in January 2019 and placement results in May 2019.

Our maths and science results

Then, the maths and science results, in the last three years:

47% of our learners have taken mathematics and 61% have passed. This compares to the national results of 42% taking mathematics and 51% passing.

37% of our learners have taken physical science and 68% have passed. This compares to the national results of 30% taking physical science and 61% passing.

Poor maths and science results drive inequality; and programmes like ours redress this imbalance. Whilst programmes that select learners are great for those learners eligible, it is vital for South Africa’s economic growth and social cohesion that programmes are scaled inclusively, so that all learners get the chance to be as numerate and mathematically adept as they can.

This impact sounds simple but getting these results is far from easy. All branches face challenges every year which affect our learners, from gangsterism in schools, to no water and electricity, to floods. In Umlazi (in Durban), for example, there was a period when learners couldn’t attend the branch because of child abductions in the township and then there were the floods, where one of our learners lost her brother. In Atlantis and at Leiden, there were leaners who were shot in the school grounds and learners were not able to stay behind for IkamvaYouth’s after school sessions because of gang violence at a number of the schools we work in. We would therefore like to acknowledge the hard work done by our branch staff and tutors to achieve these results in these contexts.

External evaluations

Alumni Survey